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"The Mission Statement of the Southern Cross Astronmical Society, Inc., is to bring astronomy to the public through education, research and enjoyable free public events, free telescope observing, improve the status, understanding and enjoyment of amateur astronomy. We are edicated, by our legacy, to provide free lectures and presentations. We encourage research and pursue a respectful attitude to discourage light pollution. We believe a beautiful starlit sky belongs to everyone. “

Duke N.DaytonFormer SCAS President

Welcome to SCAS 2016 Winter star party 

20160208- D813887
20160208- D814012

We have a Star Party every Saturday at Bill Sadowski Park

Current Observation conditions at the Park - Star Party may get cancelled due to bad seeing conditions. Call Park office at 305-255-4767 for information.


We received the sad news that SCAS member Walter Lukac, Owego, NY, 89 years young, had passed away last October. He was a SCAS member for more than a decade and a loyal attendee at the Winter Star Party for many years until 2015. Some may remember a tall, slim white-haired gentleman who would bring his 12 1/2" refractor to the Florida Keys. Owego was an accomplished mechanical engineer with IBM. Their Space Program was based on his experience as an amateur astronomer. He is survived by his wife Avis and many relatives. 



FRIDAY, 19th 8 p.m. bring family, friends and future astronomers to an entertaining evening: MAGICAL MIX OF MUSIC & ASTRONOMY featuring Dr. James R. Webb, FIU research astronomer and friends in the FIU Physics lecture hall CP-145, Main campus. The free program includes latest astronomy updates, lively discussions, food buffet and Star Party on the Observatory roof. Park in the campus garage, west side of SW 109 Ave./SW 8 St., in faculty/ visitors space and follow the SCAS signs across the patio into CP-145.   SCAS Hotline: 305-661-1375


WEDNESDAY,  24th,  7 p.m. SCAS Astros will hold a bayside star party on the plaza following the Moonlight Garden Tours. Vizcaya admission 3251 S. Miami Ave. 33129.  SCAS hi-tech equipment will focus on the Great Orion Nebula, winter star clusters, bright Jupiter and a past-full Moon rising in the east.......and more!  


THURSDAY 25th - 6:30-9 p.m. SCAS hi-tech equipment will be arranged in the serene garden to show Fairchild members & guests the stunning winter night sky. Blazing constellations: gigantic Orion, Hunter--brilliant blue Sirius in Orion's Big Dog-- Canopus in the southern hemisphere--Taurus, Bull--bright Jupiter and a glowing Moon. Fairchild Botanical Tropical Garden 10901 Old Cutler Road. 


FRIDAY, 26th  bring the family to the FREE Family Fun Night, 7-10 p.m. Fruit & Spice Park 24801 SW 187 Ave. Homestead 33031. SCAS Astros will focus hi-tech equipment on gigantic Orion, Hunter, brilliant blue Sirius, winter star clusters, Taurus the Bull, bright Jupiter and the Wolf Moon in the very dark outback of the Park. Moonlit tram rides, campfire, songs and stories are part of the Family Night. Bring chairs, blanket, binoculars. 305-247-5727.  



SATURDAY 5/SUNDAY 6th  dusk-dawn, SCAS Astros will host a MESSIER MARATHON  for astronomers in pursuit of locating most/all of the numerous Messier objects from east to west. Famous French astronomer Charles Messier discovered comets in the late 1700s. He compiled a catalog of the nebulous objects he observed in the northern night sky to facilitate identification of comets. The catalog is used today to locate deep sky objects. The March date signifies when all the Messier objects will be visible during night hours. The SCAS Messier Marathon will be held at the SCAS D'Auria Observatory 23325 SW 217 Ave. Homestead 33031. Public welcome. Bring chairs,  bug repellent, binoculars/ telescopes. No lasers, lights, litter, alcohol or pets at the Observatory.

SCAS Hotline for updates: 305-661-1375.


SATURDAY 12/SUNDAY 13th-   10a.m.-4 p.m.  SCAS safe solarviewing and exhibits. SW 162 Ave./Kendall Drive.SCAS volunteers needed.


FRIDAY, MARCH 18th  dusk - 10 p.m. SCAS Astros will host a Star Party and bar-b-que for KIDZ in grades 1-12  at the SCAS D'Auria Observatory 23325 SW 217 Ave. Homestead 33031. Material from SCAS, NASA and IDA (Int'l Dark Sky Assoc.) will be available. Bring chairs,  bug repellent, binoculars. SCAS hi-tech equipment will focus on brilliant winter/spring skies, bright Moon, Jupiter...and more!  Call 305-661-1375 with total in your group, name and phone.                       STAY TUNED!.


Solar Eclipse 2017 news

Solar eclipse 2017 whole-us

Cities in the path of totality

Order your Solar Eclipse Glasses from the Astronomical League

Get ready for the North American Great Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 2:31PM. Eclipse will be 90% visible in Florida in 100% in South Carolina.

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Astrophotos from SCAS members

bloodMoon-Eclipe Sept 27 2015
m42 -Steve VanRyn

SCAS Congratulates the Winners of the Astrophotography Contest

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Current Observation conditions at the Park - Star Party may get cancelled due to bad seeing conditions. Call Park office at 305-255-4767 for information.

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lovejoy RGB

Comet 2014 Q2 Lovejoy- Photo taken from SCAS D’Auria Observatory by Tim Khan

Comet Lovejoy continues moving northwest not far from the Pleiades. In February the comet will continue north between Andromeda and Perseus as it fades further, on its way to passing very close by Polaris late next May when it will be a mere 12th magnitude. 

SCAS through the Years

SCAS president, Dr. Lester  Shalloway has uncovered old pictures from SCAS archives. We have posted a slideshow of this amazing snapshot of SCAS history.