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"The Mission Statement of the Southern Cross Astronmical Society, Inc., is to bring astronomy to the public through education, research and enjoyable free public events, free telescope observing, improve the status, understanding and enjoyment of amateur astronomy. We are edicated, by our legacy, to provide free lectures and presentations. We encourage research and pursue a respectful attitude to discourage light pollution. We believe a beautiful starlit sky belongs to everyone. “

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SATURDAY 3/28- Global project via time zones. Turn off outdoor lights 8:30-9:30 p.m. at residential, unused sports fields, race tracks and playgrounds, commercial, industrial, seaside hotels, homes, condos and skyscrapers. Save $ -- protect migrating birds, sea turtle hatchlings; restore human night vision and enjoy our natural wonder overhead. Install shades on outdoor light fixtures to direct illumination to the ground for max safety--not into your neighbors' windows! Intense megawatt outdoor lights are not necessary on crowded house lots. Stadium bank lights should be aimed at the ground, not 360 degrees in horizontal angles.

FRIDAY, MARCH 20th, 8 p.m., Southern Cross Astros are proud to welcome premier guest speaker Dr. Scott Bolton, Associate V. President,  Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Bolton is Principal Investigator for the Juno Project, another segment of the NASA New Frontiers Program where he also oversaw the launches of the New Horizon Mission to Pluto and IBEX.. He was co-investigator for the NASA  Cassini and Galileo Missions and now manages the coordination and development of future NASA missions and proposals at SWRI. 

20141121 200541

Prior to his current position Dr. Bolton was a senior scientist and project manager for 25 years at the Jet Propulsion Lab, Pasadena, California where he was responsible for spacecraft development at Lockheed-Martin, development of spacecraft design, launch vehicles,  analysis of scientific instruments in the Juno Mission. He began his interest in space science at the University of Michigan. He has more  than 30 years experience in the field of aerospace and space engineering. Dr. Bolton leads several educational programs for developing science, math and art skills for students in elementary to high school. He has produced several musical concerts, art exhibits, scientific document, videos and appeared in several space science documentaries aimed to motivate children into their academic studies.

Come to the FIU Physics Building, CP-145 lecture hall, Modesto Maidique campus to hear the latest updates of the Juno and New Horizon Missions. The free SCAS program includes prizes, discussions with top level speakers and food buffet. Park in visitor/faculty slots in the campus Red Garage west of Southwest 109 Avenue/8 Street. Follow the SCAS signs across the patio to CP-145. 305-661-1375

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IMPORTANT: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20th SCAS' program has been cancelled. SCAS will return to FIU CP-145  Friday, March 20th at 8 p.m. Topic: NASA JUNO & NEW HORIZON Missions with Space Scientist Dr. Scott Bolton, San Antonio, Tx.

We have a Star Party every Saturday at Bill Sadowski Park

Current Observation conditions at the Park - Star Party may get cancelled due to bad seeing conditions. Call Park office at 305-255-4767 for information.

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Comet 2014 Q2 Lovejoy- Photo taken from SCAS D’Auria Observatory by Tim Khan

Comet Lovejoy continues moving northwest not far from the Pleiades. In February the comet will continue north between Andromeda and Perseus as it fades further, on its way to passing very close by Polaris late next May when it will be a mere 12th magnitude. 

SCAS through the Years

SCAS president, Dr. Lester  Shalloway has uncovered old pictures from SCAS archives. We have posted a slideshow of this amazing snapshot of SCAS history.

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