Star Gazing At Bill Sadowski Park

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General Information

Since 1986 the Southern Cross Astronomy Observation Deck in Miami-Dade Bill Sadowski Park, SW 176 Street, 1/2 mile west of Old Cutler Rd. Palmetto Bay has been a major attraction for all ages to enjoy and learn about the magic of the night skies assisted by Southern Cross Astros with hi-tech equipment. The 18" diameter SCAS Dobsonian telescope is the largest in Miami-Dade to provide awesome celestial observations of the seasonal southern night skies to the public. Based on monthly reports since 2009, the average annual visitor attendance exceeds 2200 despite weather cancellations. Miami-Dade Parks Dept. has enlarged the SCAS Observation Deck twice to accommodate massive telescopes and tripods. Concrete telescope mounts, wooden benches and a light buffer fence were. installed by Southern Cross and Eagle Scouts.

In addition to the regular year-round Saturday evening public Star Parties, 8-10 p.m., special public evening celestial events may be held on a weeknight when a lunar eclipse, meteor storm, comet watch or full Super-moon occur. Summer hours extend to 10:30 p.m. due to late sunsets. Spectacular seasonal constellations, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, lunar phases, detailed views of planets. satellites overhead at dusk and views of the International Space Station attract first-time visitors, repeat visitors and is a must for field trips by middle, high school and college students on assignment and scouts earning astronomy badges.

Our New Moon Star Party is scheduled dusk - 10 p.m. on the Saturdays closest to the new moon for the remainder of 2019, October 26th, November 23rd and December 28th at the D'Auria Observatory 23325 SW 217 Avenue, Homestead 33031 to encourage astrophotography, research, observing/recording deep sky objects from a darker sky environment. SCAS Star Parties, Bill Sadowski Park, will be closed ONLY on those dates allowing a full staff of SCAS Astros at the Observatory. NO lasers, lights, litter, alcohol or pets allowed at either of the SCAS observing locations. Look for weather updates on SCAS Facebook.

Sadowski Park & Nature Center

Public Viewings


17555 SW 79th Avenue
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157


Saturday Evenings from dusk to 10pm
Weather Permitting

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