Glam Tents

Only Available at Camp Sawyer


The Boy Scouts take GLAMPING to a new level!


We are planning on being able to operate with no restrictions by star party time but will of course adjust to any protocals in place at the time.

Introducing the Glam Tents. These Glam Tents are the ultimate in camping shelters. The Glam Tents are air-conditioned and have electric service. 9 tents will be available for your stay at the Winter Star Party.
Each Glam Tent has 1 maim room with smaller sleeping quarters off to the side. Ideally, the Glam Tents would be for 8 people or a large family but you may choose to stay with other couples or even singles if you feel comfortable.

The Glam Tent pricing will be $300.00 per person for the entire week of the star party with no additional camping fees added. Of course, you will still need to purchase your ticket to the star party and you will need to bring your own sheets, blankets, and pillows.

Unfortunately, there are is no partial pricing for the Glam Tents, so if you arrive later in the week the price is still the same.
The Glam Tents will only be available at Camp Sawyer.
We will be changing the configuration of the Glam Tents to accomadate 8 people per tent.
3 sets of metal bunk beds in the main room and 1 set in the smaller side room.
We are anticipating that they will sell out fast so book early.


2022 Winter Star Party: January 31st - February 6th.

Registration is open.

The Winter Star Party is famous for the "steady air" over that portion of the keys.
Borrtle 3 skies with an average SQM of 21.76 are a treat for astrophotographers and observers alike.
Click anywhere in the map to see the sky conditions. Light Pollution Map

Sunny days in the 70's and cool, calm nights in the 60's makes for a wonderful experience under the stars.

You will receive the details of your arrival time along with your tickets. We have reached our to the church in Big Pine to see if you can use their parking lot for your RV's on Sunday night.
Your parking arragement will be with the church staff. When we have confirmed, we will post the contact information.


Now for a little about the 2 camps.........

Camp Wesumpkee

Since 2017, when Hurricane Irma struck and destroyed Camp Wesumpkee, the Girl Scouts have made no attempts at restoring the facility.
It is rustic camping, with only Port-o-Lets. There is no power on the girl scout camp except for the vendor area and only for the vendors and Mickies Kitchen..
We have changed our procedures to now allow small, quiet (below65 decibels) generators to run 24 hrs. a day for electricity.

Parking is the same as always, you may park in proximity to your campsite as long as you are not setting your equipment up on the berm. For all you first-timers, the "berm" is an area adjacent to the shoreline where we only allow telescopes to be set up so everyone behind the berm can enjoy the southeastern horizon. There is no vehicle traffic allowed after 7 pm and all vehicles parked near the berm must be removed by the same time.
Our Vendor area will be here as well, straight accross from Mickie's Kitchen as always. We are expecting reps from Celestron, Tele Vue, Disc Mounts, and Starlight Instruments, just to name a few.
Mickie's Kithcen is our food vendor. No trip to the Winter Star Party can be complete without a 3 am brownie and hot chocolate from Mickie's kitchen............... I can taste it already!

Camp Sawyer

Camp Sawyer belongs to the Boy Scouts and fared much better in the storm. All bathroom and shower facilities are on Sawyer. 10 private showers and 10 private stalls.
Access from one camp to the other is thru a pass on the west end of Wesumpkee. There is no vehicle traffic permitted on the pass or Camp Sawyer, so you must walk to the showers.

PLEASE be aware that as of this writing, the boy scouts DO NOT allow vehicle traffic on the tenting grounds. What this means is that, you must unload your gear in a staging area, remove your vehicle to the parking lot and cart it out to where you want to set up. The boy scouts will provide the carts.

We have asked for you to be allowed to drive up and drop your gear and remove your vehicle to the parking lot. We will see what happens on opening day..........

As advetised, the Glam Tents are on Sawyer. Tent camping is available on Camp Sawyer in limited numbers but we only have enough parking spaces to accommodate 75 cars, Gamping or tenting. Once that number is reached Camp Sawyer will be turned of from the registration system and we will accept no more requests there. To accommodate that many cars, no trailers or RV's are allowed on Sawyer. Sawyer will also have electricity thru out the camp thru extension cords and plug stations. Be aware that you should have a 100 foot extension cord with you to be sure you are within reach of a plug.

The Speaker presentations will be on Sawyer in an open-air venue. We are planning to have 9 speakers this year. The finalized list will be available soon.

As always, we will have some fantastic door prizes to give away on Friday.

Have a look at our last star party here.....................

Stay tuned for further information.

If there is anything you need to discuss with us or issues with your registration please send an email to
Thank you again for your patronage and please stay safe and healthy.


Tim Khan, Director
Winter Star Party

Russ Brick, President
Southern Cross Astronomical Society